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“Interpreter of great resources and a magnificent

voice with proper characteristics and nuances                 

 in "Epicur"


"Margarida Guerreiro is a great singer with a magnificent voice."

 She charmed with her voice the “Municipal Theatre "public.

"A magnificent ambassadress to Portugal"

In "Corse Matin"

Considered one of the best singers of Portuguese music, with a warm and passionate voice, she has contributed to the revival of Fado, imposing soon as one of the most acclaimed performers of the genre.

Already in 1991 Margarida was invited to perform in one of her most important concerts of her career opening for the Fado Star Amalia Rodrigues. In 1997, she was awarded the prestigious price “Amália Clube de Fado” in Lisbon. 
Her extraordinary quality of interpretation, vibrant and authentic, with intense shades, led her to perform on stages all over the world, a true representative of a timeless song.
She will present a concert in which the natural sound that lives in Margarida’s voice, stripped of any construction and artifice becomes the absolute protagonist of the scene. A path built on musical and cultural identity of the ancient and traditional FADO (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - UNESCO) the song by excellence, the symbol of Lisbon.








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